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Etude House | It's Real Pack Sea Kelp Review


One of the best products from Etude House I've used to date! Does what it says on the proverbial tin and moisturises my skin to soft and supple perfection.

Plus point: It's (apparently) Real!

This came into my possession quite awhile ago when my local Etude House was having their 'Buy 1 Free 1' sale which roughly translates to 'Retail Price in Korea (sans customary discounts)' so I was actually able to step in without feeling too much of a bite from my purse. Trust me on those numbers, I've got an inside source. Shh...

I've always been a big fan of Etude House's adorably sweet packaging and it took me quite a substantial amount of self-control to not grab whatever appealed to my eye (which is, just about everything) and actually read what little amount of English that was on each product so that I actually knew  what I was buying.

Functionality over aesthetics? Unheard of!

Etude House: It's Real Pack Sea Kelp

Type: Wash-off Mask Pack 
Availability: Every Etude House & online
Price: I forgot the price, but online it's USD$11.50
Volume: 25g x 3 packets (1 packet yields 2 sessions)
Scent: Faint, pleasant, reminiscent of green tea and nori wraps
Packaging: Too cute!
Effects: Moisturising (others claim that it has soothing or anti-redness properties as well)
Functionality: Surprisingly, very good; 8.5/10

The packaging appeals to me very much because they give the impression that you've just bought precious little bottles of pampering but then EH pulls a fast one on you because dun dun duunnn!!! 

Plot twist:  They're actually packet-bottles! Pottles! Backets!

According to the packaging, one bottle contains about 25g of product. To put that into relative perspective, an average Kiehl's sample packet (free) is about 3.5ml to 5ml and a Montagne Jeunesse mask pack (RM5) is 20ml. One bottle-packet-packet-bottle is enough for two generous applications.

I like the consistency very much, it has a watery-jelly texture which is really easy to lightly glide and massage into the skin during application. It keeps its shape very well and is just a tad runnier than a gel moisturiser.

The Product & My Skin

During application, my skin was really lacking moisture. I've decided to give a more visual explanation of how the product helped my skin with the scale below.

Teal Stars represent my skin's moisture level at the time. As you can see, 5 are highlighted in this colour.
White Stars are the 'reclaimed moisture' which the mask provided my skin.
Dark Stars are just 'empty stars'.

Thus, the mask helped me achieve almost baby-smooth skin!

There was a slight bit warmness a few minutes after application, not unlike the sensation when applying Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque. Don't diss the tongue-twister name though! That product has without fail, brought my skin from 0 to 10 stars every single application.

I digress though, that's a review for another day.

The moisturising power is moderately long-lasting. I would assume that the plump and supple effects would wear off in about half a week to about two days depending on how chronic your skin dryness is. I would rate it on the same scale as a few My Beauty Diary masks and only just under the MBD key line (which consists of their very best products).

Given the amount of product per packet, twice a week is the recommended usage.


As my only other experience with Etude House was their disappointing  Darling Snail Jelly Sheet Mask, this kelp mask pack was a real redemption for them in my skincare books.

Good moisturising power, excellent packaging and alright value for money if you get it on sale, otherwise I'd redirect you to MBD's Aloe Sheet Mask to better stretch your buck ringgit.

Would I repurchase? Yes of course, only for use in humid countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.
For winter use? No, not really. I'd need a more potent moisturising mask for my winter travelbag.

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  1. Hi! I love your blog design, it's so clean! :)

  2. Hi M'sia! Bumped into your blog after you liked one of my MBD reviews on tumblr<3 thanks so much! I had no idea you were just starting your blog and I love your writing style! Hope to see more in the future!

    1. Much appreciated that you took the time to have a look at my own blog! Definitely a huge fan of MBD here. haha.
      Thanks very very much for your kind words, I hope to see more of you in the future as well. =)

      xoxo Rin


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