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My Beauty Diary | Pearl Sheet Mask Review


A proud member of my personal top 10.

Call it the "Forever Repurchase" / "Holy Grail" / "the crème de la crème of the mask basket". It doesn't matter which term is used, the literal translation of all that skincare jargon essentially is:

"This stuff is good! Really good."

The past few days, my skin hasn’t been the most cooperative. Daily stresses have rendered it dry, inflamed and flakey at each day’s end, so what better way to remedy both stress and skin with a nice sheet mask. Preferably of the My Beauty Diary kind.

I've always been a fan of My Beauty Diary masks, more so now after my time in London where my face suddenly receded into a flaking mess of ache. Wasn't pretty. Didn't feel pretty.

I actually loved My Beauty Diary masks so much that I included an assortment of them in a "TLC Hamper" for my inspiring Business teacher, who was coincidentally fellow beauty junkie. 

My Beauty Diary: Pearl Sheet Mask

Type: No-rinse Sheet Mask
Availability: Watsons, Guardian and SaSa (online)
Price: RM39.99 per box of 10
Volume: 30g per individual mask
Scent: Very pleasant, powdery fragrance
Packaging: Sweet & minimalistic; I'm not quite sure what the bowtie motifs are though
Effects: Whitening & Moisturising
Functionality: 9.5/10

The mask is very thin and translucent though sturdier than most other masks this thickness. When repositioning the mask on your face, I recommend 'smoothing' the mask in the direction you want to move it to, rather than tugging at the edges. Doing so would minimise damage to the material.

The fit is near-perfect for my face; it has got to be one of the most comfortable facial sheet masks within its price range. Also, because of how thin the material is, this mask lighter in comparison to other sheet masks I have tried.

The recommended treatment time is 30 to 40 minutes as per the instructions. I usually leave it on until it gets half-dry which is about an hour in humid air and 40 minutes in dryer air

Oh and remember that a mask's best friend is a good exfoliator beforehand! (heh that rhymed) By removing the dead skin cells from the surface, you increase absorption of your treatment as your new skin cells are the only ones drinking up all that goodness! The two I alternate between are Cure Natural Aqua Gel and Shizens Silky Renewal Gel

I actually would recommend gel exfoliators over scrubs as they are gentler to the skin. Most are formulated to 'react' to deal skin cells only, detaching them from your skin and not affecting the new cells at all; unlike microbeads or crushed seeds which might cause small scratches on your skin.

The Product & My Skin

I make it a policy not to edit pictures which feature my skin so you can see the full effects of the product. So this was my 1am face: as bare as it gets! (featuring lopsided glasses)

I don't even need my star scale for this because this mask could bring my skin from anything to 10!

Before: My skin was really dry. I had red, flakey patches on my skin and everywhere else was inflamed from physical stress.

After: Calmer, soothed and wholly moisturised. There were virtually no rough patches on my skin up until the next day, and even then the only dry bits were a few healing spots on my chin. Redness aside, my skin did lighten by a couple of tones, which was the intended effect of the mask.


When used in conjunction with a good skincare regime, I'm sure this mask would be a great weekly pick-me-up! I personally use this when dolling myself up before an event. It smooths out the skin for better makeup application and  lights up your face in any photographs. 

If you're not a fan of whitening but still want event-ready skin, I'd recommend MBD's Aloe Vera mask instead.

However, this pearl mask was one of my saviours while I was in London and remains so, most definitely.

Would I repurchase? Yes!
For winter use? Tried and tested and 5 out of 5 would recommend for winter use

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  1. Yeaaaaa, they are wonderful. Though I just tried the Nature Republic Bamboo. I gotta say, it impressed me where other non-MBD have not.

    You before and after skin condition is pretty much the same situation for me after a MBD mask xD

    And... you have the Cure. *cries jealous tears*

    1. I've yet to try anything of Nature Republic, but I did receive a Steam Mask Sheet by them from a friend in Korea. I should probably try out the Bamboo since you suggested it ^^ <3

      And ahahah glad to hear that we both benefit from MBD in the same way way haha ^^ Sorry for having Cure! ;A; I think you can get it off eBay though, right? D,=

      xoxo Rin


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