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   Fuurin Diary is a beauty blog which not only focuses on outward beauty, but inner beauty as well. Alongside product reviews from editor and fellow beauty junkie, Rin, there will also be posts on positive thinking, motivation and ways to curb the anxieties of... well, life.

   Growing up in an age where future generations would not know a world without the internet, it is without a doubt that we are lost for choice. The number of television channels are in the hundreds and long gone are the days where skincare routines are limited to the holy trinity of cleanser, toner, moisturiser. Along with this commercial overstimulation is also the constant reality of how little space we occupy in the world. It doesn't take much to find oneself insignificant. With dramatic and tragic headlines splashing across front-pages and homepages and all possible modes of social media, people are finding it increasingly easier to either: get swept away by the current or throw anchor and fear further change.

   This blog focuses on the beautification of one's outlook, one's perspective in life. It will strongly root itself to the belief  that we are destined to be more than we ever think we could. That as the waves beat on, we relish in our individuality, we maintain a satiable amount of pride in our own uniqueness, in our talents. Beauty is not all about being comfortable in the crowd, it's about being comfortable in your own body.


"The only thing in life to disdain about is the fact that the good things don't leave scars as deeply as the bad things do." 
- A.M.               

About me

Rin, 22, Malaysia
Editor of Fuurin Diary.
Studies Biology for fun and Economics for function.
Lover of life, player of games & reader of Murakami.

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