"What's in a name? That which we call a rose."
- Act II. Scene II. Romeo & Juliet -


Fūrin - commonly written as 'fuurin' - is Japanese for 'windchime'. Or to be more precise, it refers to a specific type of windchime: an upside-down petite fishbowl with a wish for a windcatcher. Its song is a lighthearted ring which brings with it, summer nostalgia and images of brilliantly bright afternoons.

In comparison to other windchimes with their long tubings and low-octave cascading chime, the fuurin is the windchime I most associate myself with: small, bold and with a spring in its song.

I hope that my blog will resonate in your memory as brightly as the fuurin!

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About me

Rin, 22, Malaysia
Editor of Fuurin Diary.
Studies Biology for fun and Economics for function.
Lover of life, player of games & reader of Murakami.

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