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TLC Thursday | Blogilates Says ''Tuck That Bellybutton In''


I'll be honest here, the idea of working out didn't really appeal to me. In fact, the very idea of exercise  already made my muscles ache. 

Whether this phantom pain was reminiscent of compulsory highschool PE classes or a cosmic sign that exertion and me were not meant to be, I didn't really know. But one thing remains certain: the day I started looking into the YouTube fitness persona, Blogilates, was the day my life changed forever.

As exaggerated as the above statement sounds, it was the only way really I could fully express how I feel about the optimistic, bubbly and energetic host of Blogilates, Cassey Ho.

Let me give a brief explanation of it works:
Cassey has a YouTube channel filled with 8-10 minute mini-workout videos. What you have to do is the fun part: chain up suitable workouts and create your own personal daily regime! The large pink calendar above is what we call "The Beginner's Calendar" and is exactly what it says on the tin. I highly recommend doing the whole month if you're only just starting out.

'Feel Good Soul Stretches' is an 11-minute workout I try to do every day. It's my go-to video if I ever feel too groggy or weak in the mornings. Try it out and feel the difference!

The Blogilates Effect

 Helped curb depression
Instead of lying in bed swimming in negativity every day, each morning began with an activity-filled regime from her Beginners Workout Calendar. The best part? It only takes about 30 minutes!
♠ Got more work done each day
Once I got my blood pumping, I was more proactive, more willing to tackle my responsibilities, and each day became a productive day.
♠ Encouraged me to eat cleaner
She also films a series called "Cheap Clean Eats" where she cooks up cheaper and more health-conscious versions of home favourites such as lasagna, ice-cream sandwiches and loads more.
♠ Workout time is smiling, self-love time!
With optimism as infectious as Cassey's, it's virtually impossible to grouch your way through your workout. And a good thing too, because she reminds us why exactly we're doing this: for ourselves. Love thyself because the fact that you're trying is already good enough!
♠ Free gym membership, without the spatial demands
A blessing for those living in small university dormrooms. The space needed for most of her exercises usually are within your regular-sized narrow yoga mat.
♠ You can actually feel the difference
The great thing about the Beginner's Calendar is that there are repeat videos. So perhaps it's Week 1 and you've barely made it through but do it again in Week 2 and hey, presto! You're so much stronger! (given that you've been keeping to the schedule)

Now that we've gone through the benefits of Cassey Ho, let me share (just for your guys) some tips and tricks to make your workout more enjoyable:

♠ Paint your toenails
A surprising fact, but you spend most of your time looking at your toes during pilates. I personally feel it's better to look at something cute and pretty while your arms are shaking & being forged into steel and you just have to stay in that plank for eight more counts!

Rainbow pedicure and rainbow crocs
Be religious with your Workout Calendar 
To laze away my jetlag, I took a 14-day break from my calendar and man was that the worst choice of my life. Even if you feel that you're too tired to do the 3 videos in your regime of the day, do a stretch video. It's very easy to get out of habit... and so, so hard to get back in.
Hello, Mr Sun!
I highly recommend doing your Blogilates in a well-lit room filled with natural light. You've got a myriad of options: pull back the curtains and drink up the sun, or if you're not the shy type, take your workout outside!
Have a light breakfast before you begin
I have done workouts right out of bed, on an empty stomach, and let me just say, the saying is true: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! On days that I ate my brekkie, I could hold my poses longer and I had more control of my body. No one likes to be a limp noodle on the yoga mat!
Healthy breakfast of muesli, bananas and blackberries
Exercise the most important muscle!
Your smile! Even when it hurts, smile knowing that at the end of all this, you'll be stronger and more flexible! Becoming more toned is just a great bonus.

So this concludes my very first TLC Thursday! Dear readers, if you have any questions or have a subject you'd like me to tackle in these articles, please feel free to comment below, or if you would like to remain anonymous: e-mail me at fuurindiary@gmail.com and I shan't disclose your identity! ^^

Much love, everyone! I love you all!

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