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Victoria Jackson © | The ''No Makeup'' Makeup


You might have seen the brand out-and-about at The Mines, KL Festival or at their various roadshows across Malaysia. Now, in collaboration with Watsons, Victoria Jackson promo-booths have appeared in a number of Watsons branches. What does that mean for us? Limited time discounts and an exclusive RM500 membership with unlimited makeovers (and more), now available to you with any purchase

Have I caught your attention yet? If not, read on and gawk at their fab products for even more convincing;  there's one in particular I want you to see!

Alright so I couldn't actually hold it in and just had to show you this product first and foremost! Ladies and gentlemen and windchimes of the jury... exhibit number one is what all the beauties will envy. Look at this tangle of...

Click for a closer look

What the actual what in the world is this, you might ask?

Well, this is their Survival Kit and quite a fitting name too, because you might just be able to wade through a mangrove swamp, fight through a hurricane, run into a waterfall, and still come out looking fabulous because you touched up in that one cave somewhere along the way.

Victoria Jackson Survival Kit™
1 - Lip pencil & eye pencil (held up) and mascara (tucked away on the left)
2 - 10 eye shadows (5 Day & 5 Night) and 2 blushes
3 - A selection of gorgeous brushes
4 - 5 luscious lipstick colours and a mirror

It's also perfect for beginning beauties who want to try out makeup but just don't know where to start or would prefer to begin their venture with a trustworthy all-in-one.

If that's the case then, let me tell you, this is that trustworthy all-in-one.

According to their website, the shades are incredibly versatile and were designed & made with all skintones in mind.

Since we're on the subject of bestsellers and versatility, may I now present to you, the Victoria Jackson Beauty Diary, opened up and ready for any on-the-go touchups wherever and whenever you may need one!

Victoria Jackson Beauty Diary 
1 - Foundation
2 - Highlighter
3 - 3 Blushes
4 - 5 Eye shadows
5 - 5 Lip colours 
6 - Mascara 
7 - Brushes

Now let us embark on our own little quest into the rest of the lovely makeup collection of Victoria Jackson. Consisting of gorgeous mineral makeup, formulated with the extra benefits of natural corn and soy, VJ's natural "no makeup" makeup ideology is paired with these gentle-to-skin ingredients to give girls - young and old - the confidence boost they deserve.

Studio Color - 2 blushes & 4 eye shadows which double as brow-colours + dual brush

Who is Victoria Jackson?
You can read her full, official "about" page here, but a condensed version (which, in all honesty, wouldn't do her full justice) would be: a philanthropic Hollywood makeup artist who is also a goodwill ambassador for women everywhere. She believes that loving who you see in the mirror is the first and most important step in the road to self-confidence. After reading that, I liked her already. 

Her makeup line, according to her website, has enjoyed an astounding billion dollars in makeup sales, and continues to grow. She has also written books about self-esteem and beauty:
♥ Redefining Beauty: Discovering Your Individual Beauty 
♥ Enhancing Your Self-Esteem (Warner Books, 1993)
♥ Make Up Your Life: Every Woman’s Guide to the Power of Makeup (HarperCollins, 2000)

Runaway Portfolio - 2 blushes + 8 lip colours + 8 shimmer & matte eye shadows

Shimmer highlights in gorgeous honey gold & pink silver. The powder goes through the brush how cool is that?

Their range also includes an eye and face makeup remover which is formulated for oily skin

The Promotion
From this weekend onwards, you'll be able to receive an immediate Victora Jackson Membership with any purchase from their promotional booths at Watsons. Before this, you had to spend at least RM500 in products to qualify, so grab it while you still can!

But what exactly are the perks of being a member? Well...

Completely free professional makeovers at any branch
     - no to make an appointment, just walk in!
     - be function-ready at the drop of a hat!
50% Birthday Discount on selected items
25-30% First Purchase Discount
Member discount of 10-20% on selected items

Also, check this!

Their sought-after Lip Addition lip colours which were originally RM99 per pot are now going at the Watsons-exclusive promotional price of RM85 for all four!

You get fab, bright and year-round colours, formulated with collagen to give your lips that much-needed nourishment. I did apply this when my lips were dry & puffy and on-the-spot, my lips were much more moisturised and remained so throughout the day. I was very impressed when the time came for me to remove my makeup and my lips were still smooth and soft.

The formula wasn't sticky and stayed on throughout the day. The fact that you can now technically get 3 colours free means that you can gradient-lips the day away now!

Here I have on the left-most colour on my lips! Also, Kim (the lovely lady on the right) was so kind to do my brows for me with the Studio Color kit. Throughout the mini-interview, she and her supervisor, Nat, were kind, sweet and eager to show me their products and volunteer herself as impromptu hand model as well. She had a very gentle hand with the makeup brush and I would definitely be returning to her if I ever needed my makeup done!

She's from Sarawak and based at KL Festival so give her some love because she's fantastic and so deserves it okay? She has a lovely funny bone as well and is generous with her smiles.

Be sure to catch Nat and Kim at the Pavilion Watsons Roadshow to grab your exclusive membership and oh-so-affordable makeup! Also, if you need a little more convincing, here's a reminder of that fantastic beauty Survival Kit which is just out of this world!

Check out Victoria Jackson!

Have you ever seen anything like the Survival Kit before?
Enticed by any of the products yet? (I sure as heck am!)
Which lip colour do you think would suit you best?

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  1. Ooh! I have the Honey Gold Shimmer powder and I love it! So nice to use as a body bronzer and you can unscrew the lid at the end of the brush and use the product as a pigment too! So pretty on the eyes! :)



    1. Thanks for telling me that, Anjel!
      I think there were just too many things to show that Kim forgot to show me that feature. ^^
      Though you probably shouldn't have told me that because I'm a huge sucker for gold eye products! ;A; My ultimate weakness! haha

      Thanks so so much, Anjel, once again! I hope you have a great weekend, dear!

      xoxo Rin

    2. Haha whoops! What have I done?!
      Oh well, now you have an excuse to treat yourself! Go crazy ; )



  2. Wow that's really awesome !!! , Totally love your blog !! <3

    Followed you !! <3 , Hoping for your follow back <3


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! ^^ <3
      And thanks so so much for following my blog! I shall be following you back as well. ^^

      xoxo Rin

  3. Hello..
    I have seen some of the product with VJ's logo and some with Victoria Jackson's logo..

    Which is the original one?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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