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Type Away | Disappointment & Life


It's never nice waking up to bad news. It's never nice getting bad news, period.

Perhaps this news concerns a decision as pivotal as a university choice or a job interview.

Or maybe it's a reoccurring and constant factor such as a family member, or maybe a long-term problem a household is facing.

It is incredibly human to react to negativity with equal negativity. It is also incredibly human to not react at all. As members of the sentient and self-aware race of mammals we are, we are known to be incredibly diverse despite similar codes in our DNA.

But let's not get overly technical with this post. 

What I'm trying to say is that there are just some things that are separate from what you can see from a physical perspective. And that is it so okay to feel upset. And that it is equally okay to be optimistic.

You only know happiness because you have known sadness. 
Likewise, you only know sadness because you have known happiness. 
Why, then, do we need to be happy only us to feel sad again? 
The answer is just that: 
Because we will feel sad again.

Have comfort in the fact that the fact we are able to feel emotion is a beautiful miracle. You might think that I'm using the word very loosely here but just take a moment to consider that there are 6.4 billion people on this planet at this given moment. The number is increasing and decreasing with every second that passes.

All these people have their own story: their birth, they journey, their struggles. They also have family: mothers who have nursed them with love and milk, fathers whose happiness lies within their existence, guardians who held their hands as tightly as parents would because that is who they are. Think of their grandparents, children, pets who love them for showing them love.

All this human potential in each individual human being. The dreams and ambitions and likes and dislikes, they're looking for love and looking for purpose. They've laughed, cried, screamed, cheered They have curled up in corners when no one else was looking. 

When you think of all this and then realise that the Earth is carrying such energy, such unseen potential, ready to reach out to the stars, it's breath-taking. They say that when infrared filters and such are placed through telescopes, planets and bodies before unseen are not fully visible. 

Now, one cannot help but think... what if potential could be seen?

Our Earth would burn so bright if we could see what our lives could amount to.

That is why I am so confident when I say this:

I am in love with life.

I am in love with all life.

I am in love with this life that has been given to me, and all others in this madly spinning world.

And so it's alright to cry when things don't go your way. But it's also a crime if you think that this is the end to all good things in your story. Think of all that have lived before you, and all that will live after.

But most importantly, think of all that are currently beside you. The ones who will hold your hand and the ones who would lend strength to your backbone. Seek the warmth in those who will hug you and those who will brush off your worries like specks of dust. 

Because they are alive too.

And by being alive, they know disappointment.

And by knowing disappointment, they know happiness.

And so you do.

So do you.

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