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Bifesta | Eye Makeup Remover Review


No longer will Mulan's makeup-removal scene in 'Reflection' be an over exaggeration. I was lucky enough to find Bifesta on our shores when I just started to dabble in the art of makeup. Before that, eyeliner and the sort were restricted to anime conventions and proms, the removal of which, was greatly dreaded.

Before we go into details, let me just put into context how awesome this makeup remover is. Calling it Holy Grail would be an understatement.

1. Bifesta's makeup-removing power has such a wow-factor that my mother and I opt to give this as a souvenir rather than Kuala Lumpur orchid keychains and tasteless T-shirts. 

2. My Business teacher got a bottle of this as a thank-you gift at the end of the year. 
She asked for 6 more for when I fly back.

3. It removes Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner from an eyelid primed with their Potion Primer, along with waterproof and everything-proof mascara, in less than 3 feather-light swipes.

4. It's almost always sold out after one or two months of restocking.

Be careful when handling this remover because it Does Contain Magic. (Disclaimer: It isn't really magic, but it's the next best thing)

Bifesta: Eye Makeup Remover

Availability: Watsons & some online sellers
Price: RM33.00
Volume: 145ml
Scent: No scent
Functionality: 10/10

Now, because actions speak louder than words, here's a real-time demonstration of me removing my eye-makeup with Bifesta:

As you can see in the video, the bottle featured has been used quite a lot. I think it might very likely be my 5th bottle? A whole bottle could last you 3 months with regular eye-makeup (in the video) but maybe a week or two less if you wear heavy makeup?

I shall be doing a separate video in the near future where I coat my eyelids in Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil and remove it. Subscribe and follow me on my social media links so you'll be updated the moment it's uploaded!

More About Bifesta

♠ This remover can also be used for lip makeup, according to the packaging, and contains Vitamin B & E for added skin benefits.
♠ It is a water-based formula, derived from oil-dissolving moisturising agents. Essentially, this way you can remove your makeup and moisturise at the same time. Think of it like how BB is to foundation. This is what Bifesta is to makeup remover.
♠ The packaging states that it is a "hypoallergenic formulation friendly to sensitive skin".

Notes from Rin

♠ Ensure that you remove your contact lenses before using this product. It won't damage them but I find that my contacts' lifespan is shortened if you continuously use this with them still in.
♠ Be as feather-light as possible.
♠ If possible, try to get thin cotton pads as it would take much more (about 3 times) product to moisten those dual-textured cotton pads from Boots. The link is for clarification. Do not use Bifesta with these cotton pads.
♠ If such cottons are not locally available, search up on Amazon.
♠ I have never once had any problems with this in terms of skin condition. No reactions at all.

This concludes Part 1 of my Bifesta review! "Part 1?" you might ask. Yes, I just love the product so much, I can't possibly be done talking about it in just one post! (That was a light joke, I do love the product, it's just that they have a facial makeup remover as well and I'd like to review that the moment I get another bottle. My current one is from Bioderma.)

A question to you, dear readers!

"What is your favourite makeup remover as of now?"

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! ^^ ❤ Bifesta is a definite must-have for people over here.

      xoxo Rin


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