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Aritaum | The Professional IOPE Aircushion Puff Review


This puff is the first item to be reviewed out of the products I received in my Korea Travelpack, click the link if you'd like to see what else I got from my friend in Korea but read on if you'd like to see what this baby can do first!

I decided to open up this package in the wee morning hours of an event I was meant to attend, so please bear with my not-up-to-par photographs. It probably... wasn't one of my best ideas but hopefully I did a decent job despite the time constraints and bad lighting. ^^;

You can't get any more 'real' that this. Haha.

How I Used the Puff

1 - In the first picture, I'm showing you the puff in all it's new and freshly-opened glory!
2 - Pump a little foundation / BB cream on the back of your hand. Here, I'm using Covo's HD Picturesque Liquid Foundation.
3 - Then, spread it out so that the puff will pick up an even amount of product over a large area.
4 - Ta-da! The puff prepped and ready to airbrush your skin!

The Puff in Action

Remember to only apply makeup to a clean face that has been prepped with moisturiser (and any other toners, serums or essences in your skincare repertoire). This has been a public service reminder by your one and only, Rin.

Below, my face has been thoroughly moisturised and primed with Covo's HD Primer. 

A few words about this primer: It's actually one of the few primers that doesn't irritate my skin or has that, for lack of better words, "cheap sting" that most affordable makeup brands has. It's moderately moistful - taking into consideration that it's a primer - and does a good job of keeping my makeup in place. The full review is for another day, though! Keep a lookout for it!

Now, apply your makeup in light, rapid pats or puffs to set the product onto your skin. Also, ensure that your puff motions are relatively large - about 1cm - so that a substantial amount of 'air' gets between the puff and your skin. I am not too sure about the exact science of it but it's supposed to create an airbrushed and blended look.

Here, the right side (your left) of my face has been air-puffed and you can definitely tell the difference when you compare it to the first picture. True, the coverage and such is the foundation's doing but I've applied this foundation a number of ways (brush, fingers, sponge) and let me just say, this was like discovering primer all over again.

My skin just looks so smooth and... for lack of better words yet again... air-brushed. Just, whoa. "Did someone go over my face with photoshop?" No, no one did, because my policy of not editing face shots in makeup-skincare reviews still applies. 

Yes, I answered my own rhetorical question just so I could reaffirm you, dear readers, that there is no deception in this blog. Only inception... of beauty! 

One properly-applied thin layer of foundation later, this is the end result! Impressive, I know, I was shocked myself. I was so impressed that I didn't have to really think about blending, just a few puffs here, few puffs there, done. No brainwork needed. And by doing that, it also cut my foundation-application time in about half. 

Ultimately, I can confidently say that I've been converted into the world of aircushions.

Aaand... the finished look! In the warm morning light!!

It's funny really, one of the things I learned about makeup is that it's essentially erasing your face and painting it on again, but still, looking at the pictures when I only had foundation on compared to the finished look, it's quite funny what eyebrows and red lips can do.

But that aside, yes, back to the review, I'm sorry, hi.

In a Nutshell: My Verdict

Faster application - cuts down makeup-application time in half
♠ No-brainer, easy application - you don't really have to think about blending, just pat on any places that seem uneven
♠ Air-brushed look - and who doesn't love that? My skin looks near-flawless after I use this which is quite impressive given it's my skin.
♠ Affordable - eBay searches have confirmed that the average price for this is $4
♠ Absorbs less product than a sponge - given that it's a puff, a small amount of your foundation is absorbed, but substantially lesser than a regular makeup sponge which eats about everything. When I apply foundation with my fingers, it took 1.5 pumps. With this puff, 2, which is still pretty good.
♠ Good coverage - I know, it's the foundation doing the work but nonetheless, the puff applies a good amount of product even when you tap lightly. I'd say the look above took only one layer of patting-about.

Would I repurchase? Most definitely, without a doubt. 

The only real downside is that you have to keep washing it if you're skeptical of sanitation. I personally rinse and wash it with face soap every evening but some might think that's a little much. I mostly do it just to prevent the bacteria from the acne on my problem areas *touch wood* from spreading anywhere else. But so far, that hasn't happened! ^^

And that concludes the review of my first ever aircushion puff! My First AirPuff : that should be the name of a show where it's just contestants being introduced to this beauty revolution. I have to admit, I'm a huge fan. 

In the days following my first use, I kept using the cushion again and again to apply my makeup, you just can't lose! 

Have you heard of aircushions? Have you tried it out before? Are you interested in it now that you've read this? Tell me in the comments below! I reply to every one! ^^

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  1. Didn't know they sell this separately. I use the air cushion puff from my Laneige BB Cushion. It's getting dirty now and I am thinking to replace it. Either buying a new puff or getting another BB Cushion ><


    1. Oh wow, wouldn't recommend getting another BB cushion just to get a replacement puff! Etude House also sells their own puff replacement for about RM15, if you're keen on getting it ASAP. As for me, I think I'll be ordering this IOPE puff from eBay. I wouldn't mind the wait.

      xoxo Rin

  2. This was precisely the review I needed, thank you for it!
    I just ordered this on ebay for 3,75USD and also intend to use it without the matching cushion foundation but instead with all my BB Creams that I'm already so happy with.
    I've been considering the Beauty Blender hype for myself lately and this flat, dry sponge seems way more convenient to me. It's different of course, but still a sponge that seems to deliver great, air-brushed results.. excited to try!


    1. Aww bless thank you so very much for the lovely comment!
      I would definitely recommend this over beauty blenders, less legwork - or should I say "hand-work" from me ahaha.

      May I ask what sort of BB cream do you use? Always a joy to find out about new brands. ^^

      xoxo Rin

    2. Thank you for your post and kind reply! ;)

      Yes, as I'm kind of lazy with foundation etc the Beauty Blender or any substitute never even made it into my stash, the wetting (and drying) part is just too much.

      I'm really fair (maybe NC05-10) so that always kicks out lots of products I otherwise like; I also didn't jump on the CC wagon because those I tried weren't pale enough. But shade selection is way more suitable for me in Korea than in Europe still, funny different beauty standards everywhere.

      I love Holika Holika Petit Shimmering for a sheer glow and Petit Essential for more coverage, and the good old Missha Perfect Cover #13 for color and oil control. I really like the Elemong BB Cream when my oily skin is drier or flakey from retinoids, and TonyMoly Dear Me Petite Cotton was a long time fave of mine for an effortless, lasting and just pretty finish, sadly I got too light for it about a year ago.


  3. Hi! Great post. Just wondering, did you wet your Air Puff before application or just used it dry?

  4. Hi! Great post. Just wondering, did you wet your Air Puff before application or just used it dry?


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